The Sin of all Sins


Mommy will be back

I gently caress my son’s smooth face

His eyes puffy from waterfalls of tears

It’s for a better life, I whisper

I wrap my frail arms around my daughters tiny body

She buries her face into my warm bosom

You will be proud of me, I whisper-


She can’t do it

She won’t do it

She is a horrible mother!


They shout crippling words

Into my hollow soul,

I am a horrible mother.

My children release piercing cries

And beg me not to leave,

Their lips quivering as they speak.

I run my fingers through their coarse jet black hair


I must go to America, I whisper

They drop to their knees

And grab my feeble ankles

I will send money back, I whisper-


She’s selfish

She’s  leaving her own children

She’s a horrible mother!


My options have been exhausted

Like a fully melted candle.

I am a horrible mother

I must leave my children behind

In order to move them forward



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