The Couple

The couple stares at the blank wall

Passion absent from their souls

Darkened, icy stares linger on splintered cracks

The couple stares at the blank wall

Cackling reapers tugging at their souls 

Scything memories into baseless holes

The couple stares at the blank wall

Passion absent from their souls

The Sin of all Sins


Mommy will be back

I gently caress my son’s smooth face

His eyes puffy from waterfalls of tears

It’s for a better life, I whisper

I wrap my frail arms around my daughters tiny body

She buries her face into my warm bosom

You will be proud of me, I whisper-


She can’t do it

She won’t do it

She is a horrible mother!


They shout crippling words

Into my hollow soul,

I am a horrible mother.

My children release piercing cries

And beg me not to leave,

Their lips quivering as they speak.

I run my fingers through their coarse jet black hair


I must go to America, I whisper

They drop to their knees

And grab my feeble ankles

I will send money back, I whisper-


She’s selfish

She’s  leaving her own children

She’s a horrible mother!


My options have been exhausted

Like a fully melted candle.

I am a horrible mother

I must leave my children behind

In order to move them forward